Help Us Give!

Human Trafficking? Domestic Violence? Marine Life?

Due to our passion for combating Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence and preserving Marine Life (especially Sea Turtles!), 5% of our profit is donated to one of the these three causes.

As we partner together, please be sure to let us know which cause you would like us to give to! You can read about the three different organizations that we donate to below.

House of Ruth

House of Ruth is a Domestic Violence organization located in Pomona, CA, that assists victims of Domestic Violence with transitional living, emergency shelter, and much more. To learn more about House of Ruth and its services, please click the button below.


Love146 strives to prevent exploitation and to serve young people in the U.S., the Philippines, and the UK who have survived trafficking and exploitation. If you would like to learn more about Love146 and its services, please click the button below.

Sea Turtle Conservancy

Sea Turtle Conservancy invests into protecting the life and habitat of Sea Turtles globally! Click the button below to learn more about Sea Turtle Conservancy and their global efforts.